is a compatible de-aerating active mixture.  The de-aeration effect is achieved by a slight incompatibility which does not interfer with the surface qualities of the hardened lacquer film. CONTRA-AIR Poly is especially used for lacquers and paint,based on synthetic resins, such as  polyesters and  acrylates. In addition, CONTRA-AIR Poly is effectively applied with lacquers, based on monomer-containing acrylates and polyesters. Excellent de-aeration effects are achieved through application via roller coating, spray and curtaincoatin. Good results are also reached with thick-film systems and lacquers with paraffin finish. CONTRA-AIR Poly must be stirred vigorously during processing. Prior to subsequent processing, pre-mixing with suitable monomers or appropriate thinners is recommended.

Product details

Appearance:clear to slightly clouded
Origin country: Germany
Physical state:liquid
Container:160 kg net drum / 750 kg net IBC
Durability:5 years