Sodium lactate

Sodium lactate

is a sodium salt of the lactic acid. Sodium lactate belongs to the group of hydrating substances for the skin, that keeps the skin-own moisture and contributes to a slightly acidic pH value. The substances (glycerine, urea and organic acid) form together the Natural Moisturing Factor(NMF). In the EU sodium lactate is known as food additive E 325. The salt is easily soluble in water. The fluid is almost colourless and almost without scent or taste. Sodium lactate is also available in various concentrations (50 % / 60 %), on demand with adjusted pH value.

In this product sector we work together with the european manufacturers Jungbunzlauer, Corbion / Purac (Purac ® ) and Galactic (Galacit ™).

Product details

Qualities:50%, 50% pH 5.5, 60%
Appearance:clear to white
CAS number:72-17-3
Origin country: Netherlands, Belgium, France
Physical state:liquid
Container:Canister, drum, IBC
INCI:Sodium Lactate
Durability:2 years
Storage:should be stored at a cool, dry and light shielded place, in sealed packaging

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