Sodium lauroyl lactylate

is a yellow, very viscous liquid derived from natural lauryl and lactic acids. The product is thus composed of two natural moisturizers of the skin and in formulations it has very low toxicity and a low irritant profile.

In cleansing cosmetics, it is the perfect co-surfactant as it improves the mildness of the formulation, has good cleansing, conditioning and moisturizing properties, and can improve foam quality and quantity. Furthermore, it gives formulations a pseudoplastic, shear-thinning behavior. This means that the viscous formulation can be easily removed from the packaging and distributed well on the skin.

It also acts as a binder and solubilizer in formulations based on anionic surfactants.

In care cosmetics, it is a natural, very mild O/W emulsifier. It provides an excellent skin feeling and in emulsions it improves absorption and spreadability on the skin. It has moisturizing and skin-smoothing properties and is the perfect alternative to ethoxylated emulsifiers. Sodium lauroyl lactylate can improve the absorption of active ingredients and prolong the release of fragrance in formulations.

The raw material is therefore perfectly suited for:

- Baby products

- Oral care products

- shampoo for hair

- Deodorants

- Face and body creams

- Soaps

- fragrance sprays

When formulating it, it should be noted that

1. the product is water soluble It should therefore be heated and then added to the water phase.

2. if hard water is used, it may be necessary to add a chelating agent

3. the raw material is insensitive to electrolytes and stable in the pH range 5 to 9.

4. the raw material is not compatible in cationic surfactants.

The typical application concentrations vary between 1.5 - 3.0 % in emulsions and 10 - 30 % in surfactant systems.

In this product range we cooperate with the manufacturer Corbion / Purac (ESTERLAC©).

Product details

Appearance:yellow, very viscous liquid
CAS number:13557-75-0
Origin country: United States
Physical state:liquid
Molecular formula:C18H32O6.Na
Chemical name:Salt of lactylates of fatty acids
Registration:REACH 01-2120793005-56-0000
Container:193 kg drum
INCI:Sodium lauroyl lactylate (SLL)
Melting_point:< 32 °C
Durability:24 months
Storage:Should be stored at a cool, well ventilated place in sealed packaging. Storage according to local regulations.

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