Argan oil

also known as argan seed oil, is the oil of the argan tree. The tree or bush belongs to the sapodilla family and grows exclusively in Morocco. it grows 7 - 10 meters high and reaches an average age of 125 - 150 years. As of the 5th year it bears fruits. Since1990 the growing region in Morocco is listed by UNESO as a to be protected biosphere . The fruits are round to oval and have a green, fleshy appearance, like olives. The fruits contain 1 - 3 oval, smooth, brown, up to 2 cm long kernels with its seeds inside. For oil extraction the fallen fruits get selected. This takes place from June to September. There is no other way to harvest, as the branches of the tree are easily broken if shaken. The thornes make picking the fruits by hand impossible. The harvested fruits' kernels have to be removed and split to get to its seeds. The locals grind the seeds to a brown pulp and stir it with water. By kneading the oil gets seperated from the water. The resulting press cake is used as animal feed. With this method one liter oil is won in 10 h. The oil has a low durability. Our oil is pressed by an oil mill. Thereby the seeds are exposed to high pressure. Obtaining oil this way is much faster (only 2h per liter) and its durability is longer.

Product details

Qualities:unroasted cold pressed, unroasted refined, unroasted refined organic, slightly roasted cold pressed, slightly roasted cold pressed organic, roasted cold pressed, roasted cold pressed organic
Appearance:yellow to orange yellow
CAS number:223747-87-3, 299184-75-1
Origin country: Morocco
Physical state:liquid
Container:25 kg net canister, 900 kg net IBC, 190 kg net drum
INCI:Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil
Durability:16 months
Storage:should be stored at a cool, dry and light shielded place, in sealed packaging

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