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Lucuma powder

Lucuma powder

comes from lúcuma fruit pulp (Lucuma obovata), which has been washed, disinfected, cut, dried and ground to obtain a powder with a pleasant aroma for various food applications. The powder can be added to drinks, smoothie, yoghurt, granola, pudding or cake and is ideal for making ice cream, creams, drinks with food supplements, for baking biscuits and pancakes.

The tree, which belongs to the genus Pouteria, grows in the valleys of the Andes and reaches a height of up to 20 meters. The fruit is also often called the "gold of the Incas" and is used by indigenous peoples for healing and as food.

Product details

Appearance:light yellowish powder
Origin country: Peru
Physical state:firm
Container:22 kg box
Durability:12 months
Storage:should be stored at room temperarture, light shielded and at a relative air humidity of 60 - 70%

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