Gellan Gum

Gellan Gum

is a biologically based gelling, suspending and stabilizing agent with exceptional and useful properties. We offer the product of the European manufacturer Jungbunzlauer (TayaGel®). At very low concentration it shows high stabilizing and suspending properties with high pseudoplastic solutions. Complete hydration is achieved by heating to 85 °C - 95 °C; on cooling, TayaGel® HA solutions form soft, elastic and flexible gels with remarkably low tendency to syneresis. These gels do not exhibit thermal hysteresis, i.e. they solidify and melt at the same temperature between 70 °C and 80 °C.   


It is used as an extremely efficient stabilizing and suspending agent, giving a smooth liquid gel structure already at concentrations between 0.02-0.05%. It is mainly used as a stabilizer in milk and milk-alternative beverages, but also for pulp stabilization in fruit drinks. With its particularly soft gelling properties at higher concentrations, other applications include confectionery, jams or fruit preparations, puddings, cake fillings, icings or frostings, and dairy products such as milk drinks, ice cream and yogurt. TayaGel® HA-D with special focus on dairy applications offers the best choice to produce excellent stabilized products.




 Dairy alternatives

 Desserts, ice cream

 Fruit preparations, sweet spreads

 Plant-based products

 Sauces, dressings, spices


 Juice drinks

 Plant-based products

 RTD tea and coffee

 Sports and energy drinks


High stabilizing and suspending properties

High viscosity at very low concentration

Soluble in hot water (full hydration at 85-95 °C)

Swelling in cold water, adjustable by sodium content

High pseudoplasticity (shear thinning)

Soft, elastic and non-brittle gels after heating

Gels without thermal hysteresis (setting and melting temperature between 70 and 80 °C)

Gels without syneresis

HTST/UHT processable

Compatible with all commercial thickeners and stabilizers

Resistant in pH ranges between pH 3-13

Product details

Qualities:HA (für Nicht-Milchanwendungen), HA-D (für Milchanwendungen)
Appearance:weißliches Pulver
CAS number:71010-52-1
Origin country: Austria
Physical state:fest
Chemical name:Gellan
Container:20 kg Kartons
Melting_point:Zersetzt sich ohne Schmelzen
Durability:24 Monate
Storage:kühl, trocken, lichtgeschützt, in geschlossenen Gebinden lagern, Empfohlene Temperatur: max. 30 °C / Empfohlene Luftfeuchtigkeit: max. 70%

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