Cultivation and manufacturing process of plant-based oils



  • Plant protection and fertilizers can be used for cultivation

Organic / Cbc / Eco

*Cbc = controlled biological cultivation

  • Traceability of the oil back to its origin is guarenteed
  • Supervision of the cultivation of the seed and annual control of every vendor by various eco-seals
  • Cultivation has to be very resource-friendly and environmentally compatible by the EU-Eco-regulation
  • For cultivation only resources verified and approved by the EU are allowed for use
  • Processing the oil with approved resources is possible
  • Terms according to EU-Vo. 834/2007: Implementation of every step of the production process, processing and distribution according to complying with formalities of these therms
  • The regulations 834/2007 and 889/2008 of the EU are to apply

Farming associations

  • Cultivation can olny happend with authorized resources of the association
  • Cultivation and oil extraction have to follow standards of the association



1. Oil is obtained by the extraction with carbon dioxide

2. The seeds split caused by high pressure and heat. After taking away the pressure the carbon dioxide evaporates and the oil remains

Cold pressing

1. Oil is obtained by pressing without external heat supply

2. No information available from the temperature of the pressing process


1. Oil is obtained by adding solvents; the solvents are removed afterwards

2. Oil with almost no scent or taste

Native / Virgin

1. Oil is obtained by pressing without heat supply

2. Oil is natural, there is no fruther processing after the extraction

3. it is not identical with the term "unrefined"

Native extra / Extra virgin

1. Oil is pressed at maximal 30 °C; its share of free fatty acids is at most 0,8% (only regulated by law for olive oil)

2. No further processing after extraction


1. To remove unwanted substaces the oil is treated with water steam after extraction

2. Poor in taste and scent


  • Cosmetic
  • Pharmacy (EP, Ph. Eur., USP, BP)
  • Food
  • Feed
  • Technical applications